The law firm Pimenta-Bueno Sociedade de Advogados brings together expertise, persistence, ethic, creativity, legal tradition and tecnology.

Our law firm is comprised by lawyers who carry in themselves real love for advocacy, nurturing a daily motivation which goes far beyond personal gain, that is to say to deliver effective solution to people`s lives and to reduce chaos in the world we all live in.

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Our practice in this area purports to prevent, solve and pacify family crisis derived from the death of the patriarchs and, at the same time, to protect the wealth hard-built during their lives.

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Our practice in this area aims to structure businesses or restablish harmony and/or profitability in companies facing crisis among partners, always keeping in mind that the best way out of such crisis is found outside the courts.

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Our practice in this area intends to place real estate assets back in the market, enabling their financing, increasing their market values and bringing safety to their owners or acquirers.

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Our practice in this area has the purpose of defending people and companies from the abuses and the voracity of the Tax Offices in our Country.

What people say about our work

"The team is very competent and dedicated, it has always cleared all my doubts and been very patient and helpful. Excellent professionals.


I do recommend it."

Luana Marchiori


"The law firm`s work was very efficient, safe and ethical.


I really recommend it for anyone in this situation."



Renée Pereira

Our Competitive Edges

We practice Law in all the Brazilian territory 


Our team is prepared to practice Law in any and all Brazilian States

Meetings face to face or by digital means


We are able to have a meeting with you in our office or by digital means, however you desire

We love challenges


We do not reject complex cases, actually, it is quite the opposite, if we believe in our client`s rights, we love a good fight

We follow through


We work with persistence until the delivery of the desired result or running out of any feasible recourses, without any additional charge from us

We follow values


Our decisions and actions are based in our values, and not just the perspective of material gain

We practice full disclosure


We are honest about the probability of success and risks of each Lawsuit and we keep our clients fully aware of their cases` developments


Receita Federal.png

Did you receive indemnification for vacations and days off not actually taken and paid income tax on them ?

FGTS 2.webp

Did you get a loan to buy the land where you built your home and now you can`t withdraw your FGTS to pay the loan back ?


Did you contribute to the INSS through two or more employers and ended up exceeding the maximum contribution required ?